Erica was founded in 1883 by a group of prominent Port Elizabethans to provide their daughters with superior primary school education. This vision has lived on through successive generations with outstanding educationalists who have headed and taught at the school. Erica is a leading primary school giving students the freedom of choice of a senior school to meet their needs.

Today Erica, in its magnificent school building on the hills overlooking Algoa Bay, epitomizes a heritage of excellence. Modern, well-equipped classrooms, up-to-date computer room, library and hall surround the tranquil gardens of the quadrangle. Music is an important part of daily school life and a full range of extra-curricular activities are enjoyed daily by the girls.

Erica also boasts magnificent sports fields as well as a pool in which to teach all our girls to swim. All in all, Erica Girls' Primary School offers young girls of today the foundations they need to meet the requirements of life in our wonderful country.

Our History

The Erica Cerinthoides is an indigenous flower - a member of the fynbos family. The flower itself is red and the plant is sturdy - well able to withstand the strong winds of the Eastern Cape and more particularly able to survive the ravages of fire.


Mission Statement

Our vision, at Erica, is of a school which sustains a caring and loving environment where learners are constantly challenged by excellent and relevant education, and where the emotional, spiritual and social dimensions of each learner are nurtured en route to her reaching her full potential.

Code Of Conduct

The girls at Erica will be able to:

  • Understand and accept themselves as unique and worthwhile beings
  • Use skills and display attitudes and values that improve relationships in family, group and community.

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