School Facilities


Erica Pre-Primary has three dedicated grade R classes and will be introducing three Grade 00 classes in 2023. We aim to keep our class size at 24 learners so that each child receives individual attention from their class teacher.

Our classrooms are spacious and light, filled with areas to encourage each learner’s natural curiosity, as well as loaded with various materials for her to interact with, manipulate and explore.

Each classroom’s learning space includes a mat area for learning rings and performing arts; a dress up and fantasy play area; a reading area; a Lego and block area; and a perceptual skills area.

In addition to these areas, each classroom has desks for art and group work. These defined areas allow learners to play and explore materials under the guidance of the teacher, either individually or in small groups. Although areas are “divided,” children move freely among them.

Skills that lead to reading, writing and maths are not confined to specific areas, but rather reinforced in different ways throughout the classroom via communication, exploration and play.

As well as our beautiful classrooms and indoor facilities, we boast a full and busy playground.

Our playground equipment includes different jungle gyms; standard swings and tummy swings; balance beams; monkey bars; a sandpit; and a large area in which to run and experience free play – all of which promote strong, healthy muscles and improve gross motor skills.

In addition to our fixed equipment, we make use of different apparatus (such as balls; hula hoops; beanbags; step and catch; etc.) each day.

Supervision during both inside and outside play is provided by both teachers and support staff.