Academic Programme


Erica Girls’ Primary School believes in educating the whole child and to provide a safe and healthy learning environment for every learner, regardless of their academic ability. We see each learner as a unique individual and therefore offer a supportive environment which is sensitive to the needs of each.

Our academic program comprises the core subjects, Mathematics, English Home Language, Natural Sciences, Social Sciences and Life Skills and Afrikaans. Additionally, our Senior phase program includes EMS and Technology, in preparation for their leap to High School. At Erica we see value in providing our girls with the basic foundation of isiXhosa in our Grade 1-6 classes as well.

Information Technology (Computers), in the form of the Knowledge Network Programme, is offered from Grade 1 – Grade 7 and equips our learners with the basic computer technology skill set required for High School and beyond. Learners are taught to use the computer for typing, formatting, and editing projects. Their research skills are improved, as they are taught to use the various available search engines.

Learners are also afforded the opportunity to participate in external activities, such as the annual Eskom Science Expo, Spelling Bee, Kidz Lit Quiz, Conquesta Challenge and Sanlam Art competition.

We offer onsite support in the form of a full-time Remedial Therapist and, in addition, we have the services of an Occupational Therapist, Speech Therapist and Counsellor who provide their services to our parents and learners on the school campus.

By offering a variety of learning experiences, we believe that we develop a child who is well-adjusted, confident and happy.