Administrative Staff

Bev Coetzee

was inspired to become a teacher from a young age. Her Grade 2 teacher was the catalyst that sealed her desire to teach. Mrs Coetzee has a passion about teaching and helping children who especially battle with ADD, as well as reaching the quiet child in the class. Her dream of a white Christmas in Austria with her family, is still to be realised. Now, leading the school in the role of Principal, Mrs Coetzee wakes up every morning looking forward to her workday with all the Erica ladies, both young and old.

Michelle Beukes

is a force to be reckoned with in our Front Office. She is passionate about Pizza and has proudly represented South Africa in Guiding (yes, that is a thing!). Mrs Beukes is capable, logical, and practical with a ready laugh and hug. She loves children, is trustworthy and an incredible support to all staff.

Jeanne Bell

is undoubtedly the life of the Front Office. Being an ex-Erica pupil, she understands the culture and history of the school. Mrs Bell has brought a wealth of expertise through her Public Relations qualification and experiences gained in previous employ. Staff, parents and learners alike love Mrs Bell for her enthusiasm and sense of humour.

Denise Symes

was born in London in the United Kingdom. She graduated with a B.Comm and has been the school bursar since 2013. Mrs Symes is a proud mom of three adult children and has lived in four different countries. In her spare time, she enjoys attending Musical Theatre and Reading.

Colleen Burrows

has deep Erica roots, her three daughters attended Erica and she has worked at Erica since 1995. Mrs Burrows is the School Fee Bursar. She enjoys crosswords, reading and keeping herself busy in her garden. She loves to spend time with her family and is blessed with seven grandchildren.