Teachers: Intermediate Phase (Gr 4-6)

Lynn Stubbings

is one of our passionate and fully-invested Grade 4 teachers. This ex-Erica pupil has a quick wit and is always willing to lend a helping hand. Mrs Stubbings is adaptable and does not shy away from any challenge. She is logical and thinks on her feet.

Leandra Raine

is a lively, fun-loving Grade 4 teacher who began her teaching career in 2008. Her passion for teaching was evident from a young age as she taught her dolls everything she knew! Mrs Raine enjoys running, a spot of shopping and a good braai. She believes that you only live once, and that you shouldn’t wait to get things done!

Lauren Stevens

is an ex-Erica pupil who exudes a natural calm and has a gentle character. Mrs Stevens teaches Grade 4 and enjoys participating in Line Dancing. Had she not gone into teaching as a profession, she would have liked to have completed her Helicopter Pilot’s license in order to be a part of a Search and Rescue team.

Kendall Westcott

found her passion for teaching when seeing the joy experienced by children when they overcome an obstacle. Mrs Westcott has returned to the school of her youth to teach our Grade 5 girls and her cheerfulness in and outside of the classroom is appreciated.

Saamiya Lagerdien

teaches Grade 5 and chose to be a teacher because of her love for children. Mrs Lagerdien has a deep passion for helping those around her who are less fortunate. She can connect with anyone, regardless of their race, age, gender, religion, or financial status.

Stephanie Will

is an Erica old girl with a bubbly and friendly personality. She is known for her laugh and open personality. Currently teaching Grade 5, Mrs Will loves to spend time with her family and ride her horses during her spare time. An overseas trip to see snow for the first time, is at top of Mrs Will’s bucket list.

Rebecca Chambers

a Grade 6 teacher, was born and raised in Zimbabwe. She only ever wanted to be a teacher. Being the only girl in a family with three brothers, she managed to teach them whilst they were still wrapped in diapers. Miss Chambers takes her role of aunt seriously and loves to spoil and spend time with her three nephews and niece.

Usha Ellary

is a quiet member of staff. She teaches our Grade 6 girls and believes that she has a gift in explaining and sharing knowledge with the girls, so that new concepts can be understood. She is a proud mom who would love to take her family on a cruise one day.

Carla Howitz

is an old Erica girl who now teaches our Grade 6 girls. Teaching was a simple choice after realising how fulfilling it was to help a child achieve a goal which they originally felt was unattainable. Mrs Howitz has a natural calm demeanour and believes in building strong, resilient young women.