Teachers: Foundation Phase (Gr 1-3)

Sam Armstrong

has been teaching Foundation Phase since 2012. She currently teaches our Grade 1 girls and has a deep passion and love for educating those starting out in their schooling career. Mrs Armstrong is the type of person who is what you see, is what you get. She is a self-confessed, crazy, passionate dog person.

Candice Robertson

started teaching in 2007. She later returned to study and completed her Honours in Education Psychology. Miss Robertson takes pride in looking after her Grade 1 learners and always tries to give of her best to them every day. She has an infectious laugh and is always ready for a giggle.

Patricia Soper

one of our Grade 1 teachers, is known as Debbie (we are certain there is a story to this!) She has a real passion for education in general. Along with her teaching Diploma, she also holds a Diploma in Specialised Education. She dreams of going on a Mediterranean Cruise one day.

Shelby Cosby

started at Erica as a learnership student and is now a fully qualified teacher, teaching in Grade 2. Mrs Cosby is one of our teachers that you will hear before seeing! She is full of life. For someone who does not consider herself a runner, she has successfully completed two half-marathons.

Samantha Douglas

teaches Grade 2. She has been teaching since 2013 and has a love for developing children in the classroom. Miss Douglas says she is unique in that her short little legs can take her far. This is true as she has not only competed in the Comrades, but has also run a full Two Oceans 56km Marathon on her treadmill during the 2020 COVID-19 lockdown.

Carol Hickson

is an Erica old girl. Not only did she attend Erica, her mother did too. She is a committed Foundation Phase teacher, currently teaching in Grade 2. Mrs Hickson is a keen horsewoman who has dedicated her life to running a farm and looking after her children and animals as well. She dreams of one day going on a proper holiday away from her normal responsibilities.

Kelly Bradfield

grew up on a Pineapple farm and graduated with a Diploma in Sports Management prior to obtaining her Teaching degree. Miss Bradfield teaches our Grade 3 girls. She is fun-loving and a real team player. She loves being a part of a school environment.

Brigitte Epler-Brandenburg

is another well-travelled teacher. Teaching was an obvious choice for her as all her interests seemed to converge: working with children, sharing knowledge, music, culture, reading and community involvement to name but a few. Mrs Epler-Brandenburg teaches in Grade 3 and has a positive outlook on life, living by her own mantra of onward and upward!

Eleanor Foaden

has an Honours degree in Education (Special Needs). She teaches Grade 3 and believes that teaching is God’s calling on her life. Mrs Foaden loves dogs and would like to live in a Chateau in France one day.